Used mainly by travelers living in the United Kingdom this dummy ticket comes with etkt number and receipt. Some Schengen countries have begun demanding a fully paid ticket. They even have started asking for proof of payment receipts in order to verify that you have actually paid for the ticket

For this reason Dummy Ticket has introduced the Schengen plus dummy ticket which comes with an etkt number as well as a receipt which you can submit with your visa application.

Prices are per person basis and inclusive of all taxes



Countries such as Greece have started demanding fully paid ticket for those passengers who are applying from the United Kingdom. This service is perfect for those applying from the UK. These tickets are fully paid and even comes with a receipt with prices shown on them. They are valid for a full 3 weeks ( 21 days ) depending on the departure date on the ticket.

Schengen Plus (+)

Newly introduced ticket for UK customers for those schengen countries that demand a fully paid ticket with receipt

Valid for 3 weeks

This ticket is valid for a full 3 weeks

Comes with e-ticket

Contains the 13 digit etkt number and its verifaible on the airline website

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We are travel agents with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our company was formed in 1990

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