Frequently asked questions


What is a dummy ticket?

A dummy ticket is a flight reservation that is used to apply visas and/or show at the airport as proof of return ticket. There are other uses as well but the above 2 and the most common.


What if the embassy checks...

We provide verifiable flight reservations and they are visible on the airline reservation systems. There is an actual reservation made with the airline. The tickets we provide are NOT fake.


What currency is the price of the ticket mentioned on the dummy ticket?

Most airline tickets do not have prices mentioned on it. Only a few airlines have price mentioned on the ticket. If you need price mentioned on the ticket please do let us know.


How much does it cost?

Prices start at 15 USD for the regular dummy ticket and go all the way up to 49 USD for confirmed dummy ticket with etkt number.


Where are you based?

dummyticket.com and affliated travel agents have a world wide presence and as such we provide you with 24/7 operations which no company in this field is providing. We have major operations in New York, London, Bangalore and Dubai. Our new Manila office is coming up in a few months


Is this Legit?

The ticket we provide are totally safe for submitting with your visa application.


How long will it take to process the dummy ticket?

Normally the dummy tickets get delivered within 6hours - 24 hours. As a matter of policy we also try to deliver the dummy ticket 1-2 days before the visa appointment date so as to maximize the validity of the tickets. We are known to provide last minute urgent tickets depending on the needs of the customer


How do I get in touch?

The best way to contact is using the chatbox down below and chat with a support agent. If we are unavailable the next best way is by WhatsApp - +918884777300/+447466789047. You can also call us or email.


Is this a real ticket?

We provide flight reservations for your visa application. An actual reservation is made with the airline and a PNR code is generated with your name and travel details.


What is the validity of the ticket?

The validity of the dummy ticket is not fixed. It depends on a few factors such as the route, airline and the dates that you have selected. Normally if the dates are closer the ticket will expire sooner. The farther out the dates are, the longer will be the validity. On a average the validity will be 1-2 weeks. Some tickets have lesser validity like a few days or so and some others have have even longer validity with up to 3 weeks.


Will this work for Schengen visa application?

Yes this ticket will work for applying schengen visas depending on the specific country's embassy. Just have a look at the checklist that you got from the embassy, if its mentioned flight reservation/ itinerary / booking then you can use this ticket.


What other services do you provide?

AS you may already be aware that we provide dummy ticket mainly meant for visa applications. In addition to that we also provide dummy hotel booking, travel insurance and also dummy ticket that is for showing at the airport. We also provide ok to board service at an additional cost. Another service that we provide is the dummy ticket with etkt number. That one is used for showing at the airport in some locations where they are strict like in African countries, Philippines etc


How can I be sure that this company is genuine ?

dummyticket.com has been in operation for the last many years. You are free to search online and read reviews and research it yourself


I have more questions. How do I contact you guys?

Since we are a worldwide company we have many contact numbers for different countries. We have multiple ways of contact from phone, email and even whatsapp. Use this link for our contact details