A flight reservation a.k.a flight itinerary or a dummy ticket is a document that looks like a regular airline ticket with a valid 6 alphanumeric PNR/ booking code or booking reference number.

A dummy ticket verifiable on the airlines websites if checked using the "Manage my booking" tool or "My trips" section found on many airline websites.

A fake flight ticket on the other hand is available for sale in many other similar websites and is usually composed of a flight schedule with a logo of any of the major travel websites( usually Expedia). The tickets can also be made using Photoshop or any image editor with some extra work. They do not have any PNR code and is not verifiable on the airline website. It is risky to use a fake ticket for visa application purpose or even as proof of return as its easy to make out that the ticket is fake.

Dummyticket.com does NOT endorse the use of fake tickets. The tickets that we provide are verifiable and come with booking codes. The booking code also called a booking reference or PNR code is composed of a 6 alphanumberic character code usually found on the top right hand corner or the bottom of the ticket.

This PNR code can be verified on the airline website in the manage my booking or my trips section. In most airlines they will ask for the booking code and the last name.