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What is a Dummy ticket?

A dummy ticket looks typically like a regular airline ticket and has a valid PNR/ booking code or booking reference number. They can be verified on the airlines websites if checked using the "Manage my booking" tool or "My trips" section found on many airline websites. A dummy ticket is also known as a flight reservation or itinerary.

What is a Dummy ticket used for?

The main use of a dummy ticket is for visa applications. Many embassies, consulates or visa application centers like VFS or BLS ask for a flight reservation during the visa application process. Dummy tickets are also used for proof of return to show at the immigration while traveling. Other uses of a dummy ticket are as below: *

  • Visa applications
  • Proof of return or onward travel
  • Expedite passport renewal
  • Show company HR/ Manager for leave and other purposes 
  • Exit visa procedures in many GCC countries
  • Rent a car at airport locations




19 Person
  • Flight reservation/ itinerary
  • verifiable on airline website
  • Up to 4 changes allowed
  • Use for visa application/ proof of return
  • 19 USD | 1200 INR | 70 AED | 16 EUR | 14.50 GBP


35 Person
  • Actual reservation from airline/hotel
  • Verifiable on airline/hotel website
  • Accomodation up to one month
  • Up to 4 changes allowed
  • Use for visa application/ proof of return
  • 35 USD | 2750 INR | 128 AED | 30 EUR | 26.70 GBP


15 Person
  • Return ticket for showing in immigration
  • Verifiable flight reservation with PNR
  • Can be used to show as proof of return or onward travel in most countries
  • 15 USD | 990 INR | 55 AED | 14 EUR | 12.50 GBP

other services:

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35 USD | 2400 INR | 128 AED | 32 EUR | 28 GBPRead more

Dummy ticket with e-ticket number (Flights under 4 hours)

30 USD | 1900 INR | 100 AED | 27 EUR | 24 GBP

Dummy ticket with e-ticket number (Flights over 4 hours)

49 USD | 3500 INR | 180 AED |

Dummy hotel booking

20 USD |1400 INR | 70 AED | 18 EUR | 16 GBP

Schengen Plus for UK travelers who need receipt

49 GBP


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What services do you provide?

We provide flight reservations for your visa application and/or proof of return/onward travel. We also provide dummy hotel booking and travel insurance for visa application purposes.

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