This dummy ticket comes with a verifiable PNR as well as an etkt number. Etkt is a 13 digit number that is provided with most airline tickets.
Perfect for traveling from Srilanka, the Philippines some countries in Africa etc.

Prices are per person basis and inclusive of all taxes

USD $49.00


This type of ticket is used for customers traveling from certain countries that are unusually strict. It could be due
to war poverty or any other reason. This ticket is recommended if you are traveling to/from Russia under current circumstances. Tickets are valid for 24-48 hrs. depending on when you reach your destination and the route. Customers traveling from African countries are also recommended to use this type of ticket when traveling abroad

Long validity

This ticket is valid from 24hrs-72hrs depending on your route and dates of travel

Delivered to email

Tickets will be sent to your email 244hrs before your trip

Proof of return

Has e-ticket number and is verifiable and confirmed on airline website. Accepted by checkin counter and immigration at the airport

5 star support

We are available on call and WhatsApp for quick support




What is the difference between this option and the dummy return ticket?

The dummy return ticket is sufficient in most cases, however there are some countries or routes where there are extremely paranoid airline check in staff. They double check some tickets and may figure out that the other ticket is dummy. This is the reason we have this option as its as good as a real ticket.

Which countries are recommended this option?

If you are traveling from anywhere in Africa then this option is recommended. Also required if you are traveling from India to any Visa on arrival country like Yerevan etc

How long is it valid

The validity ranges from 24hrs to 72hrs depending on the route and dates. It will be informed to you wen we deliver the ticket.

What our Customers Say

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