Our Services

What type of dummy tickets do we provide

We provide many types of dummy tickets according to your requirements. You may use it for visa application, submitting in your college or place of employment and other places as required.

Please find the list of all our services and the different type of dummy tickets that we provide:

Our main services

Dummy return ticket


This is a basic dummy ticket with valid PNR used for showing at the airport/ company or your college

Dummy ticket for visa application


This is a verifiable flight reservation with valid PNR/ reference number that is used for applying visas

Dummy hotel booking


This is a hotel booking that is used for applying visa

Dummy ticket and hotel


Dummy ticket and a hotel booking combo package, which can be used for visa applicaton and other purposes

Past dated ticket


A dummy ticket which has dates that are in the past. This has a PNR code as well but is not verifiable because the dates are passed

Travel Insurance


Travel insurance used for applying visa. This is real travel insurance and can be used for actual travel

Dummy ticket with eticket number


Real confirmed ticket which will be canceled when you reach your destination. This is used for showing at the airport in some countries where they are strict e.g. Sri Lanka

Dummy ticket with e-ticket number(above 4 hours flight)


Its a real confirmed ticket used mainly for showing at the airport in countries that are strict like in African countries to Dubai